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Law Firm Credit Lines

You may want to expand your law firm. If so, we can provide additional working capital to level the playing field and give you the money you need to best serve your clients and expand your business. Maybe you would just like to have some of your expenses back on some of your cases. If you have ever found yourself thinking of this ....we can help. We can also provide working capital to help offset the expense of those lengthy class action cases. We have worked with law firms all across the nation to help strengthen their position in the marketplace. Please give us a call or simply complete a simple application online and we will look forward to discussing the details with you.



Zurich, Switzerland




Nassau, Bahamas


Agent and Employee Section


If you are an agent/employee of The Signature Group and have forgotten your credentials, please contact The Home Office.

Nashville, TN, United States

Law Firm Credit Lines

Docs / SupportHave a growing law firm and interested in a credit line?


Private Capital

Docs / SupportAt The Signature Group, we offer Private Capital for all types of commercial projects.


Hard Money Transactions

Native RTL SupportThe Signature Group can provide capital for your project based on the property and asset value, regardless of your credit.


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